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Business Dynamics Professional Development #1

Robert Welch                           


I attended the “How to: Write a Winning Resume” seminar facilitated by Mr. David Leibig, Associate Director of the Career Center. The seminar was a Track III event that was held in Garey Hall 117, but was subsequently moved to a lecture hall due to unexpectedly large crowd.

The seminar focused on how to properly write a resume one would submit to a prospective employer. Mr. Leibig stressed that most employers only spend 60 seconds reading the resume and it must be interesting and informative. He zeroed in on a few key points that he looks for in resumes. First, he stated to put the most important and impressive information first in order to lead with your best foot forward. Second, he emphasized a conservative approach to your resume. He outlined acceptable font, font sizes, organizational methods and words to use. Next, he stated that the resume need not be in full sentences in order to save space and get your point across as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, Mr. Leibig made it known that the Career Center is a resource that should be utilized by students not only in writing resumes but also in searching for jobs and internships. In conclusion, he stated that the resume was a one page sales pitch designed to give you the best chance of getting a job, and in order to do so, one must try to present themself in the most positive light possible.

I felt the “How to: Write a Winning Resume” seminar was an informative and useful use of my time. I was told how to write a well-structured and professional resume that I can use in searching for a job. I feel that little things, such as resume writing, does not get nearly the attention it deserves at most colleges after all it could be the difference between getting an interview and not getting a reply from a firm. The invaluable lecture by Mr. Leibig will surely stick with when I write my first college resume and the accompanying packet that was handed out will serve as a great reference point.